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Considering the multiplicity of sources of investors, we also have official translation and interpretation services through sworn professionals.

This brochure contains all information of interest for your purpose.

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Interpretation Service

We work only with professional interpreters and certify with a proven track record, as linguistic interpretation requires a linguist with good diction and the ability to quickly articulate the same word or phrase in a different language.

We provide two different types of interpreting services that you can choose to best suit your consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation needs. We can provide interpretation services for any type of situation that may arise.

Translation Service

We provide linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate translations in any subject, from any language and from any language to English. All of our written translations are completed by certified, professional translators and editors, and undergo our complete, multi-step Quality Control Process.

Examples of topics we deal with most often are: Legal, Mining, ID, Business / Finance, Advertising, Public Disclosure and Education, and more