Rua da Vigilância, Cidade de Inhambane +258 843 400 407 Mon - Fri

Pro-Service is a Mozambican consulting company based in Inhambane and nationwide.

We offer a wide range of business consulting services for any type of company, individuals, entrepreneurs, business managers, to facilitate and simplify bureaucratic procedures and maximize relationships with our clients at all levels.

Become a reference in the consulting services in the country, positioning itself among the main players of the sector;

Simplify business-class efforts in the bureaucratic processes associated with its operation and ensure the anticipation of changes in the entire corporate environment through continuous engagement.

Each service provided is designed by a team of experienced and trained people, capable of solving the needs of our customers, in a comfortable and qualified environment. A qualified, enthusiastic and dynamic team is always here to help.

We follow our values in everything we do and say:

  • Integrity: We are committed to our agreements;
  • Honesty: We refrain from any involvement with bribery, evasion and any kind of illegality schemes;
  • Eficiência: We strive for timely execution of activities and using as few resources as possible;
  • Quality: We seek to progressively offer our customers quality in the services required;
  • Creativity: We challenge ourselves, not just routine execution, but to innovate our relationship and service.